About Us

OPTAK, is an Indian LED TV manufacturing company with the vision to provide the highest quality product that is “Made in India.” We form a point of confluence for the latest technology infused with art and elegant design which is economical and accompanied by after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Having been launched in April 2018, the passionate team infused with energy and dedication ensures that the high quality LED TVs are manufactured in dust-free clean environment.

With the capacity to produce 1000 LED TV per day, OPTAK has made its presence felt in North Indian states while operating from Delhi. Customers, being our utmost priority, we have designed the product that is full of lifetime experience where the “Quality is Beyond Comparison” accompanied by “Efficient after Sales Services.”

The Smart TVs entail 1GB/8GB memory being pre-loaded with apps and the metal back secures PCB longevity which helps in fostering a climate where environmental technology can thrive.

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