A Journey from Entertainment to Lifestyle Product

A Journey from Entertainment to Lifestyle Product

In the present generation, television is not just used to watch channel programs, but has opened up a new array to binge on online series, indulge in open mic, gaming and has also become a luxury to maintain one’s status, it is very important to be smart while scanning and selecting television among humongous options available in the market. 

To ensure tech savvy and budget friendly investment, it is important to stay updated with the new trends pertaining to wide range of televisions in the market. Nowadays, LED TVs are preferred to LCD TVs. Though the basic technology behind them remains the same, the major difference which gives LED an edge is that the fluorescent lighting method in LCD is replaced by light diodes in LED which has the flexibility to be placed either behind or around the edge in contrast to LCD where fluorescent lights are always placed behind the screen.

This possibility has proven to be a game-changer as it helped make a progressive shift from bigger, bulkier LCD TVs to thinner LED TVs which solves the problem of space crunch. LED not just provides solution for space crisis but with its thin and edged screen can also compliment as well as enhance home décor. Not just this, the LED TVs with the option of light emitting diodes provide better picture quality where brightness is much more enhanced as compared to LCD TVs, with improved black levels where blackest colours are visible. In terms of energy conservation, LED is much more efficient than LCD as there is 50% reduction in electricity consumption in comparison to LCD.  

Considering these advantages of LED over LCD, Optak, which comes under top 10 LED television brands in India comes up with a series of normal LED TVs to Smart LED TVs and Smart 4k Ultra HD LED TVs. Being Indian manufacturer of television, Optak provides Smart LED TVs at best prices in Delhi where the company ensures clean manufacturing space which is dust free.

With Optak it is not just watching TV but taking recreation to the next level with the help of picture quality that makes a person live the experience. Covering a spectrum of functions, Optak LED and Smart LED TVs provide alternatives for theatre experience. One can recreate theatrical environment in home without spending heavy amount on multiplex frequently.

The LED TVs manifest the functions of computer by incorporating USB support. Moreover, the earphone compatibility opens up new array for customers as they can switch to earphone when they want to enjoy binging alone without any disturbance or when they do not wish to disturb anyone.

Moving on to Smart LED TVs and Smart 4k ultra HD LED TV, they come with inbuilt RAM and internal storage, opening up new accessibility accompanied with VGA connector which makes it condusive to connect the TV with projector, laptop, computer, etc.

Thus, we can say that the range of LED TV provided by Optak are lifestyle products that is fashioned into multi-dimensionality and multi-functionality, covering variety of parameters. The customers can live the experience LIVE as if they were part of it.   

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